Riverplace, Greenville SC - Live at the Condos: RiverHouse, 155 Riverplace, Terrace at Riverplace, Work, Play
RiverPlace Fountain,  Greenville SC
RiverPlace Fountain, Greenville SC

Imagine a brand new energy. Imagine a city full of life and energy. Imagine a vibrant downtown area that's alive with the sounds of people walking down Main Street, popping in and out of restaurants and shops, enjoying an evening out. There is plenty to choose from including dinner at one of downtown's multi-cultural restaurants or a special downtown event, like Friday Night Jazz or a weekly concert at the Peace Center Amphitheatre. RiverPlace offers the aroma of fine cuisine at every corner, the hustle and bustle of people constantly on the go and at the heart of downtown Greenville, near the historic Reedy River. An urban atmosphere unlike anything Greenville has ever seen can be found with lively nightlife, beautiful views, within walking distance, where you can enjoy it all.